Thursday, July 9, 2009

Spose I Should..

Ok. So Laura wrote a Blog on Harry Potter 
*i imagined that with a scottish accent in my head*
So I thought, Why not eh?

So the book's are pretty good. I mean, they aren't amazing fiction, but they are very readable. First book is probably the best in my opinion. Harry is a very clear character, there are no unnecessary sub-plot's and all the character are very clear.  Second book is pretty much the worst apart from the sixth, actually, they are about the same for me. A lot of the second is Harry hearing a voice, and stressing over a hat putting him in the wrong house.  It's good in a way, but it's not the strongest book at all. The third one I think, very cliche-dly mind you, is one of the best. It doesn't show any of Voldermort and in a way this makes the book good, different. The character of Sirius is introduced and is a very interesting character. The fourth book, is much more action packed and murder-mystery like than the others. It is probably, again, one of the best. The fifth is basically a pretty poor book as with the sixth. Half is Harry being bloody horrible to his friends and yelling at them, the other half he is complaining about stuff. Yeah sure, it would be pretty bad to have old Voldy in your head, but pull it together Harry. Get a grip dude. Sixth book nothing happen's apart from Dumblydore dying :(. And the whole sub-plot of Malfoy. The end is pretty interesting when Dumbly is talking to Draco but apart from that, it is a pretty boring book, to find out about basically the most important thing in the whole series; horcruxes. The seventh book is probably my third fave, after the third and before the forth. It actually adds quite a bit more depth to the books, and you do have to think after every few chapters or so and get a clear picture in your head. While Harry also bother's me in this book, I absoloutly adore Neville. One very poor thing about this book was how suddenly Tonks and Lupin died, Tonks being one of my faverite characters and them also having great impact on Harry, the least J. K could have done was give them a good dramatic farewell. Ok so I have gone on for a while, now to the movies.

First movie they are so small and cute! Pretty well done, for the age demographic. It is not teens people. First and second movies where both aimed at 11 year olds. Second is the worst, honestly, everything is pretty poorly done. Third movie is when they start to pick up the pace, and the plot darkens a little. Fourth movie was done extremely well. It was big, as it was the first few of Voldy we got and yes, that was done extra-ordinarily well. Problem: Hermione's eyebrows have a party. She need's to learn to keep them under control. Note: Cho=awesome accent, not as beautiful as she should be, same as Fleur. Krum played very well, decently dopey and gruff. Also, through-out all of the films it seems that they do cut out some important bits and put in others. Whether it be for length or cost issues I don't know, but I am not impressed by it. Fifth movie was also done well, Ginny is dissapointing. She is supposed to be very good looking. I am not saying Bonnie Wright is not good looking, she just isnt good looking ENOUGH. Luna is by far, alongside Neville, my faverite character, and I was not at all dissapointed by the peformance in the film. The actress (who?) had an amazing nack for the dreamy, slightly crazed expression needed, and also her accent was AWESOME. I want to steal it. But what really annoys me is that they always, in the movies, try to set things up with Luna and Harry or Harry and Hermione. It is stupid. Anyway, the sixth movie looks to be good. Better technology, a little more humor it seams like. And more dramatic. The decision to split the 7th movie was fabulous. Every chapter in the 7th book is important, every paragraph, you skip it, you won't get something later. If they did it in one movie, I think there would be thousands of dissapointed fans.

Luna, Neville, Angelina, Fred & George Weasley. 

Gonna go watch the 6th on the 18th of  July
Can't Wait.


Sabine said...

they're doing the 7th in two movies

i think this blog is quite pointlessly stupid and incorrect but you are entitled to your own opinion.

catherine. said...

i wrote that noob. why did you read it then?