Friday, July 17, 2009


I am not fucking happy about who wins masterchef. I DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO KNOW! What happened was last night I missed masterchef because I was watching Harry Potter (see other post for how awesome I thought it was) and so we recorded masterchef. And I WAS going to watch it when I got back, but then SOMEBODY, said that I had to go to bed. So I was going to try to make in through today without knowing who got eliminated, but then it was on the front of the fucking The Age, which we get delivered every morning (best paper ever, it reports REAL news). So I was being all ANGRY, because why the fuck should Chris have Gone? He was much more consistentent, had experience, and KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING. ALL JULIE IS, IS A FUCKING HOME COOK, A GOOD ONE. And so I went to school Being all angry and then SOMEBODY (KIM) goes "Oh Yeah, Julie wins" WTF! I DIDNT WANT TO KNOW! AND WHY DOES SHE WIN HUH? WHY NOT POH? SHE IS FREAKING AWESOME AND CAN ACTUALLY COOK AND DOESNT FREAKING SWEAT IN HER FOOD. I actually think, if it had been Poh. I mean, yeah Julie's cook book SOUNDS good, but what is she going to do with the money? Not open a restaurant, NO! She is probably going to pay for her freaking children to go to freaking unnecessary private schools, thats what. And So now that has ruined it for me. Apparently it got leaked and was all over facebook and myspace and twitter, but I wasn't on yesterday! ARGH!



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