Friday, July 17, 2009


Argh. Today was arhg. And I just realized I didn't blog at all yesterday. Wow. Anyway, so yesterday I went and saw Harry Potter with my brother Jack, I think that that everyone that was involved with the film did pretty much everything they could with the book. Like, in the books basically nothing major happens. It's all Harry angsting about the Half Blood Prince and then Ron being the comic relief and then Hermione being the rational one and Ginny getting hot. I thought that all there acting improved out of sight. I thought that whats-her-name, the girl that plays Ginny, was waaaayyy better. The person that plays Bellatrix was definatly the best and awesomest and nuttiest, did you know she is married to Tim Burton? And that they and Johnny Depp are making a movie thingo of Alice in Wonderland. Oh, and Hermione's eyebrows calmed down a bit, I am still in love with Luna, Malfoy did a fantastic job of acting, and the Sectumsempra curse was done poorly and Lavender was perfect :) What was SO bad and LAZY was that there was a close up on Harry's eyes, like the point was the eyes, and they were freaking BLUE. BLUE! Hello? Lily's eyes = as green as you can get and almond shaped. Harry's eyes should = Lily's eyes. Harry's eyes ACTUALLY = weird and blue. NOT RIGHT! And I am very worried about how Lily and James are going to be in the last movie at the end. I really hope that they don't get the same people they got for the first movie. They SUCKED. James's face was too pudgy and round and his hair was BROWN. ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FUCKIN BROWN. GOD! And Lily's hair ALSO BROWN. ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FUCKING DARK RED. GOD! ARGH! The more I think about it, the more I am worried about everything in the 7th movies. Its going to be so stressful! I think I will rant in a seperate blog :) 


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