Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson.

Ok, so this is going to sound really dodge and people are going to start shooting me, but this is how I really feel. 

Sure Michael Jackson was practically a music genius.
But he was also a little weird.
He also had a bad life.
Face it
messed up in the head.
You would be too
If you had the life he lead
And I know he donated stuff to charity,
but he also made some bad choices.
He also was just
not a very nice person.
And while I see that It was a shame that he died young
and was the
King of Pop
Hundreds of people die each day
and yet
people suddenly dont become their fan on facebook just because they died
or R.I.P everything they can touch.
If he hadn't died and I asked someone on their opinion on him,
I think their reaction would be a little different.
But that's just what I think.
Rest In Peace Michael Jackson
You were truly
 I am going to take a stand

R. I. P
 Farrah Fawcet
The Original Charlie's Angel


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