Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mary's Phobia of Dresses

Don't you love having the best time with Friends. Like, you aren't worried about anything? You just have fun? Today was one of those days, I had so much fun at highpoint, in MYER with Kimberly and Mary. We went to MYER and tried on dresses and makeup and stuff. 

And the person in the change rooms was very controling We go in with two shoe boxes, three bags, and three dresses. And she check's all of them and is like all snooty and all "so you all want to share a room?" We were like "Yep, Thanks" and she raises her eyebrows and is like "Follow me, tis one with be fiiine." 

Hahaha, anyway, to the point, There were two dresses that were ridiculously tight around the chest area, for all of us. Well, I only tried one of them on :) But anyway, so Mary got the one that no one fit into last, and we thought she would fit into it because she is a skinny bitch.

 But about the same as me and Kimmy, she didn't fit into it and then got....STUCK :) Hehehehe. It was quite scary at the time, but also funny. After a while of clattering around and me and Kim trying to be helpful and Mary FREAKING OUT. The bitch from outside goes "Did I hear that you were stuck in a dress?" So she had obviously been evesdropping. And we opened the door and the first thing she does is check the label and is like "Tcha, this is a sixzzz, silly gurl"  

And then like on her way out she feels the need to tell everyone "A silly gurrll has gone and got herself got stuck in tis dreeees" And she goes and gets this other person and they both scoff at Mary for like fifty billion years about it being a size siiiiixxxzzz. And then after like fifty billion million years they try to get it off, and after another sixzzzty billion million years they get it off and Mary is like "Thank you so Much" and they are like "Tsha, size sixxzzzzz"

It was soooo funny. Anyway then we left quickly, like almost running. We had to go get SOMEBODY'S (Kim's) birthday red handbag. And then we got the HELL out of MYER and I think Mary is scarred for life. We went to Body Shop as well (i love it so much) and we all got eye make up done because we were to chicken to at MYER. Anyway, Mez got smokey eye in purpley. Kimmy got like purple along her eye line thingo, and I got gold sparkly :) We got Boost. I think I may be obsessed. After that it was pretty much a regular Highpoint shopping trip, and I got a pillow for my brother :)Oh and Fudge, but that was for me :) It is his birthday on Tuesday. Say Happy Birthday to Jack :) He won't care but still. 


Who else is glad that they have friends so that they dont have to be alone with snooty MYER people that say "tis"

kim saw mary's boob and it was totally not by accident. :)

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