Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh Golly Goodness

I just worked out in my very own head that I need to produce seventeen more posts to get to my hundredth :) I thought about doing them all today but that seamed like cheating. Oh Golly, I had better go do my maths homework as the teacher is actually checking our books this year, what a noob huh? Anyway, everyone harass Justin to get a comfier jacket, oh and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother Jack :) He is turning nineteen which actually seems a lot older than eighteen. What do you get an adult? They have there own money. I got him a new pillow because he asked. So his birthday is tomorrow, and we were going to go see the Harry Potter movie for his birthday at 12:00 in the morning which is only 1 hour after the time he was born :) But now we aren't for some reason. Oh, and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend Caitlin who's birthday will be on the 15th of July. And we were going to see the HP Premiere for HER birthday but then she decided to do it on her actual PARTY DAY. Oh well, oh and Kim's birthday is in..what is 26 - 13? In 13 days :) Wooot. My brother probably won't care/know about you saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but it's the thought that count's right? This is such a random blog I am just writing what comes to mind. DAMN, I had something but just lost it. Ok, OMG! JUST REMEMBER! IT JUST STARTED RAINING AGAIN. WOOOOOOOOOO! Anyway, ok, I had better go do my math's homework, oh and from now on at the end of each post I will have a countdown to the hundredth one. That is, if I remember :) OK , Byeeee. 

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16 more to Go :)

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