Sunday, July 19, 2009

Partaying with Aakash.

Haha, so funny today. Spent like three hours on msn talking to people. Me and Aakash are having, like fifty parties this weekend for various reasons. Woot! Omg, Last night was so Fun at Caitlins :) We went out into the middle of the street at like four in the morning and just lay down Notebook Style, and after like ages there was this pedo-ey looking guy so we had to run like a k' away back to her house. And stupid us, we chose the alley way to run down, and this all happened right after we watched the Orphanage, which leaves you freaked out afterwards. Oh, and apparently that whole think with Julie winning Masterchef was made up according to The Age, so yay! I don't know who wins and It is going to be so exciting magawd. And now Bec is doing that retarded msn emoticon face that looks like i don't know what. :) Kim's party is going to be mad cool fun. I don't get how my brothers can have so much fun playing Super Mario Smash Bash Crash Bro's or whatever it is called. At least Halo is awesome :) Heh heh. Ohkily, byebye. I really didn't want to wreck the 100th post thing. The number 100 is so pretty, I guess 101 is Ok, at least it is a Palindrome :) Woot. Oh god, I am sitting on the couch next to the door and for like 20 seconds the door was open while my dad was putting something out there, and I swear I have frostbite now. No Joke.  Oh, and I did a new myspace, although, I am not sure about this one, I may have to change it a bit. Only an hour and 7 minutes till masterchef is on. Or does it start at 7. Oh noes! Ooooh, Merlin is on in 7 minutes. Wooo! Omg, and Caitlin's brothers are funny when they are tipsy. They were doing Caitlin dances, Elaine dances, telling us about times they had gotten drunk. So Funne. 

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