Thursday, September 24, 2009

:) 200th Post, Part I.

ie. 198th post. 

well, my lovelies, i am three posts away from my 200th post. thats pretty cooolies, eh bubs? anyway, kim got catherine. its this awesome purple sparkly nail polish colour. want to know why i think it's awesome. because its named after meeee. not litterally me. but my name at least. pretty cool huh? i could so pretend it was named after meeeee, couldnt I?

anyhoo, hang on, my dog wants to go out, better open the door for her. 

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ohk, back to business. so, im in the middle of changing my room for, what, the fifth time in the past year? anyway, i want to paint one of my walls either dark purple or red or orange. but my mum said i could, but is reluctant to let me because, that colour paint is very hard to cover up and we are looking at selling the house in the next few years. 

now, my brother already has an orange wall, so what i am hoping to do, is maybe getting him to swap with me, last time he said maybe. and i am thinking the arguments for me will be: bigger room, he is going to be moving into the bungalow we are building in the next two years anyway, its got a bigger window and its away from the piano. but, he won't like the fact that there is not internet down that end of the house. 

enough boring you with my everyday life, i was going to tell you about something else, but i forgot what....

aha! spring clothes shopping. spring holidays are the times when you clean out your wardrobe and get out all your shorts and skirts again and put away all your jumpers, i love spring, because you can wear just about anything and it works :) anyway, so tomorrow i am going spring shopping and getting: denim shorts (definitely not short shorts), skirt (2), sandals, flats,boots, new skinny jeans, tshirts (2), singlets (2), and a sloppy joe (red). i know that sounds like a lot, but i havent gone clothes shopping in forever, and that will cost what, 250 dollars? and they can be my spring clothes as well so, eeeee. so exciting. should i go with my mum, or my friend, that is the big question. oh, and i have to remember to go to cotton on body :D i love it there. 

anyway, i will stop talking now, this must have been a really boring blog for you to read. byeeeee. xx

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