Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog about Random Things. Entertain Me.

random things list begins with the number five, because that is how try hard i am. 

6. i lied.
7. me and mary are having a beauty day on sunday. this comprises of being a girl for a whole day, and spending a lot of money on things that actually dont do much to help our skin. also, it makes us feel good for when school starts. 
8. i don't know if it is this sunday or next sunday
9. i wish my little brother would shut up. seriously. 
10. went shopping today, it was awshum. first went to melbourne central (with laura i wans't a loner, bajeebus) then we realised that there are really crap shops at melbourne central, so we went to sydney road and puckle street, which are both so much cooler. at don bosco opshop we got XXXXL white dulux worker jumpers. 
1. thats right, im mixing it up :)
2. ima talking to mary right now, i lobe msn very much. 
3. i had a much longer list in my head, but i have forgotten it. oh well, saves you the boredom of reading it, right?
18. lily allen has quit the music industry
19. it was on the age
20. the age never lies, and as my brother says, its the only good newspaper in the entire of melbourne.

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21. want to know what the worst paper is? apart from MX of course, the herald sun, they actually claim to be a real newspaper.
355. turns out she isn't quitting, i didnt read the end of the article. silly moi. 
210. oopsies, i forgot to do the have you ever blog for today
50. i really really really hate the saints, and i don''t mind geelong, so i am going for them in the final, et toi? 
2. possible hail for the match tomorrow, so funny. 
23. my brother has bad perception of what is screaming
better go, seven pm project is on. that is my point 69. fush and chups are here. 

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