Tuesday, September 22, 2009

(500) Days of Summer

I am in Love. 
With who, you ask? 

With a movie. With (500) Days of Summer. It is so adorable. Almost as adorable as Tom (the main character&narrator of the story, and is played by Joseph Gordon-Levit). In all seriousness, it does have some flaws. You could say that Summer's character is underdeveloped, that the voice-over gets a little annoying. The brackets in the title of the movie automatically insures some kind of artiness, and while this may surprise many, me and my brother agreed, that the market aimed at for Summer, is late teenage arty boys - maybe slightly alternative boys. It is interesting for once, to have a love story be seen from a guys perspective, and have the girl as the one that shies away from commitment. You realise towards the end of the movie, that Summer is actually, well, not mean, but doesnt take into account what others want. 

Anyway, if I keep going I will give to much away. On a side not, the soundtrack is one of the coolest ever, and there are many cute scenes, including a musical style dance scene and an ikea scene. Seriously. Adorable. 

(also, the only time i have ever heard a good french song, was in this movie)

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