Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Surprising, Mary is actually doing the interesting blogging thing. I find it very interesting, do you?

in the interest or interesting things, i wish to make a comment on the brownlow. after spending years complaining about the bad taste in the dress's women wear, i realised, that now that they are getting better fashion sense, it is getting quite boring, so really, i want them to have horrible taste in fashion.

last nights brownlow medals where pretty mundane. throughout the whole evening abblett looked like a startled little fawn, i just wanted to give him a hug, he looked like he was going to start crying. 

the dresses a few of the women wore were actually quite nice, most of them pretty average, two shockers

This is Brynn Gordon, who is fiancee of Geoffrey Edelsten. She is in her late twenties, him in his sixties or so. does anyone else smell goldigger?

oh, and asked if she would get cold she said: "no, its long sleeved" did anyone else LOL in there head?

And the half a million dollar dress worn by, of course, Dane Swans wife. It was incrusted with more than $500, 000 dollars worth of diamonds. 

What a horrendous tone of royal blue. 

As always, Rebecca Twigley did not fail to impress, wearing a nude gown.

 By the way, nude is the new in colour, for me, I would feel too.....nude. 

Of course, over the years there have been some knock outs, everyone remembers that red dress. 

you have to have her body to pull of anything like that. 

And some really really really, bad misses. 

that diamante g-string, was the pinical of bad dress sense. 

A few this year, looked like they where going to the school formal. Or wedding ,do you think they are trying to hint something?

And a few, that looked almost really good, and just nice, until one bad sheer top half, ruins it all. 

But as I pointed out, she looks like a very sweet person

and thats what really counts. 

i also doubt they will be letting brendan back in, after about ten minutes he looked like he had a few too many, after thirty, he was throwing food. 

And I don't think any of the footballers could have looked more uncomfortable in their suits on the blue carpet. 

also, could she be more orange?

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