Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have you Ever...

Have you ever broken a promise?
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Well, I have. There I admitted it.
Well, I also said I would do a 'Have you Ever' post every day. I didn't do one yesterday. And it was only the second day.

You might say I am not very fluent with my blogging, I mean, I did what, a hundred posts in July, and then twenty-something in August? I go through fazes of feeling like it or not, so you guys have to help me. I reaaaallyyyy need followers, like now. Now. NOW. Got it?

Also you guys? Once again, Mary totally PAWNED me at remembering movies. I forgot to mention
whip it

which looks like a totally adorable film with what-ser-face in it. Whats her name? Ellen Page. Im not saying I will like the movie just because she is in it, but I am mostly saying that.

hey, she does have good taste, so it's bound to be good.

well guyseees, i still have no internet, but i will keep my movie trailer promise, i promise :) xx.

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