Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I have to Admit.

You know, that girl Mary?
The one I told you guys about? About her blog and such?

Well, I have to admit, she has pretty rocking taste in movies currently. 

Paper heart looks pretty much adorable. 
And I thought I would beat her to telling you guys about another movie, not so adorable, pretty scary actually. 

lovely bones.

its about a girl, who gets murdered after being raped, and she can see her family dealing with her death. she sees their pain, their hurt, and most of all, their journey in discovering the killer. 

the story is based on a book, by some author, and it is well worth a read and a watch. also, watch paper heart trailer, looks bloody awesome. 

i have no internet right now guys, but i promise as soon as i get it, im attatching the lovely bones trailer and paper heart trailer and (500) days of summer trailer to my latest post. that is a promise. 


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