Saturday, September 26, 2009

I am getting Ahead of Myself

I just thought of three,thats right, three, have you ever ideas.
 Am I not fabulous? Are you not extremely proud of me? I will just do one today, I'll let you savour my genius Ideas one day at a time. 

Have you ever watched an AFL grand final?
I have to say, in this past year, my love for AFL has grown to the extreme amounts that it never was. I go for the mighty essendon bombers. And anyone who wants to criticise them is just jelous, because they are the bestest team ever. Ever. EVER. Anyway, this AFL grand final does not include essendon, because as I have pointed out numorous times, it was our REBUILDING season. Give us like, three-ish more years, and we will be back in the top four :) Anyway, as I was saying, I have become a lot more serious about my support for Essendon, and AFL in general. And the final this year is Geelong and Saints. Now throught the entire year I have not tipped the Saints (on my family's online tipping thingo). Even when it was Saints against Melbourne I tipped Melbourne. When it was Bombers vs. Saints I tipped Bombers (AND WE WON, UPSET OF THE YEAR. WE BEAT THEIR WINNING STREAK OF 18. AND THEY WHERE ABOUT TO BEAT THE WINNING STREAK THAT ESSENDON HAD WHERE WE WON 19 GAMES IN A ROW, SO YEAH). Anyway, you get the picture. I dislike the saints. I don't know why. Also their name is Saint KFC, which my friend points out like all the time. And I morally object to KFC. Annnnyway, I don't really mind Geelong, so I am going for them. And I rarely watch a whole game through, just an interesting fact :) And once, me and my older bro (who has to work all of today and he is really sad about that, he doesnt get to see the game), where celebrating at like 12 at night because Essendon won, and my mum sent me a text from where she was upstairs saying "shut up". It was very amusing. Anyway, give Footy a change is really what I am saying. And the Saints are BAD BAD people. Just like COLLINGWOOD, and CARLTON. BAD TEAMS. 


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in case you couldnt work it out, essendons colours are red and black :)

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