Wednesday, October 7, 2009

blogger sensations

i was looking over yesterdays posts like a weirdo
and the last few posts where pretty dumb. i apologize mateys :)

now i am home sick, and apart from watching seinfeld, i really don't have much clue what to do. its quite uncool. anyway, enough about me. i have been spending the last hour or so trying to find a fabby blog and the only one i found that amused me quite was cosmic writing channel. she talks about her views on everything, her irrational views, i might add, funny things that happen in her day, and pretty much like me, but better. anyway, so i should be off to search for more fabby blogs. oooh, just found a realllyyy cute one called faux naif. she shows you all her outfits, and talks about everything. quite cuteeee. 

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