Wednesday, October 7, 2009

where the wild things are. 

basically, well, i hope i do not have to explain what happens, because i bloody well hope you have all read the book. i remember it like it was 11 years ago. which it was. but still. having looked at the trailer lots and lots of times, it looks pretty hectic. like an indie film, but scarier-er. and max, i realised after reading the book again, is not a nice kid really. wants all this control and stuff like that. i think that, while little kiddies might be excited about having a movie coming out, i honestly dont think they will understand all the themes to it, because as a book, it is really compressed, but as an hour and a half long movie, they expand all those issues. so im really not sure. but the song in the trailer is fab. 

im not sure that the new posting layout lets me post videos, so im just going to post the link in hope you will look at it

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