Thursday, October 1, 2009

finally decided, woot.

i have finally decided on a layout :)

who else is channeling my happiness?
i am currently actually quite happy with how my bloggy looks, and if you don't like it well, honestly i would care. but, still. i love it lots.

anyway, i am currently burning with humiliation, because i forgot to return a new release for nine days and racked up a sixty dollar video ezy late fee. and my brother has just reminded my mum about it, which means it is going to be difficult trying to get my pocket money out of her, and also money for these gorgeous boots that i found, and they were only 50 dollars. and i had just thought up the perfect argument, my feet have stopped growing right? sooo, they will fit me for like years to come, and they are red, and it means i probably wont have to go and get boots next winter. perfect right? lets just hope guys. wish me luck, as always, i send you x's and o's from my late fee grave.


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