Thursday, October 1, 2009

boots&my personal life is excedingly boring

im sorry to keep bugging you guys with updates about my personal life
except my mum said i could get the booooooots. huzzah!

although, i have to use twenty dollars of my own money, which was my money to get my through october, i spose that will now take a lot of pilffering money from brothers. and she said i had to clean the outdoor shelves, but that is easy for me, because i love organizing. 

and also, she said i have had enough fair share of money, of course i have, i have bought like a whole new wardrobe this summer. 
so i will probably have to wait until halfway through october to buy jeans and sandals, which i also need, but oh well.

anyway, i should go to bed, i feel excercisey so i am going to get up at 5 am and go for a jog, i hope i dont fall back to sleep like last time. 
awww, my doggies are sooo cute, one was outside and i didnt notice and then the other one was staring at it and then the outside one yelped and the inside one came and stared at me with wide soppy eyes till i let the outside one in. btw, i am not an animal cruelty person, i was making tea, and its a very important process. i love animals, i almost cried the other day, thinking of what it would be like when one of them died, in fact, i am tear-ing up now. its really sad. 

just had a brainwave, because episode always have nice skirts, i could exchange the skirt i just got for these gorgeous boots, what should i do guys? this is a really hard decision, should i just tough it out for a month without money, if the boots mean that much to me? because they do, and my feet HAVE stopped growing, i can hang on a month cant I? just occasionally borrowing money for tram tickets and such like things?

i send you x's and o's in hope that you will be crossing your fingers for me to make the right decision.


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