Tuesday, October 6, 2009

not happy but

these are not the best pictures or quotes by far. but they are the ones that make me happy.
i hope they do the same for you. xox. 

dance in the rain at least once in your life, the joy is unexplainable. 

if only. 

didn't really make me happy, made me smile in an odd way. 

even though i am a ripe old age of fourteen, whenever all my friends leave
my house, after i had a party, and there are balloons around, i scurry around 
my house picking them all up and throwing them into my room, then i jump 
around kicking them everywhere. its just plain awesome. 

made me feel, freee. 

i couldn't resist. 

so true. 

odd picture I know, half naked chick. not what we want to see. 
but haven't you ever just had on your undies and jumped around your
room, and it made you feel like alive and happy? well, i have. and if you havent,
stop staring at the computer like i am some kind of crazy. seriously, stop it. 

just made me think, love lasts forever, even if all else is lost. 

as said previously, disarmingly beautiful. 

found this really "nawwww" worthy.  ie. cute. 

dr seuss was a bloody smart guy. 

bob marley, another pretty rockin dude :)

stop being lazy. the pages are blank, ready for you to fill them. 

for those of you who are amused easily

a happy chappy for no reason. gotta lobe it. 

what a smart dumb cookie. 

too much rock for one hand. 

i think i figured out why i love rain so much, because it feels like a 
new beginning. 

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