Tuesday, October 6, 2009

sorry to be in such weird moods lately. i have no idea what is causing it.
it sure as hell is not pms. well, weird stuff has been going on. fights without fights. bitching without bitching. and today i surprised myself. active bitching was going on during the day, and apart from a little burst in the morning, i did not bitch with anyone all day, or do anything to make anyone feel bad. and you know what? that makes me feel good thinking that i didn't do any of that stuff. it really does. for those of you who are thinking, wow, she used to be a real bitch, i wasn't. i really didn't used to bitch much at all. but today, i just noticed subtle things, that maybe i would have previously joined in, but today was different, i just..didn't. 

i am actually just all over the place at the moment.  sorry for the dreary blogs that sound ezzactly the same, i would do a happy-go-lucky holiday overview blog, but i really don't feel like it, and could not give my holiday justice by doing that. so yeah, i will do it another time. but right now, i am not even going to bore you with the problems i have. so tata for now. x's and o's from my toe of pain. 

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