Thursday, October 8, 2009

to blog or not to blog.?

exciting thing: i worked out how to put a different picture on the side of the blog thing, remember it used to be that drawing? i love the comic, it is so funny. ill be changing that quite a lot, maybe ill put it back to a picture.

kim says i should write about how gay i was (litterally). i said there would be nothing to write about. she said write about her and her three kilometre run. who wants to read about that? she said write about how there is nothing to blog about. who else wonders why her blog died? 

anyway, so the extension-izing started on my house today. i was hoping for an uberly hot young builder, or like a trainee sixteen year old. you know what i got? a balding, fat guy in overalls. disgusting. my next hope is that at the start of next year when we extend the house another five metres and get a study and new kitchen, that maybe the kitchen installer would be hot :) hey, a girl can dream. im campaigning for a second tv so i dont have to watch sport every weekend, well, i do get to watch what i want, but a tv upstairs in the parents bedroom/fourth living room. you see,  my family is one of those, not purist familys, but not, lets have a tv in every room family. if you know what i mean. 

you know what i thought? maybe i should blog about stuff other then my own life, so thats what i am going to do. not now obviously. well, i should go find pictures for this blog post thingy. 

aah! just quickly. actually, no i will tell you. this kid jake came to my school for like 5 days in grade seven, and we have never seen him since, yet he is still on the electronic roll. and whenever we ask the teachers about him, they act all mysterious. and it is like my class's inside joke to say whenever the teacher says "who's away" to say "i think jake might be". and then our evil evil history/geography teacher who we have reported twice (for multiple reasons) told us he had been taken off the roll. we were all sad at losing such a fine man, and we mourned and wore black ribons, and had a sort of funeral. today, she told us he had never been taken off the roll, just when were were excited because we found out he had been put back on. we were going to have a party. ms evil. is the evilest of evil people in evil land.

anyway, i should go now, kim keeps calling me slut face to get my attention.
i shall send you x's and o's from my oh so weird life.

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