Monday, October 12, 2009

you know how everyone hates snobs, who think they are better than everyone else? well, i hate them too.
unfortunatly, i am a semi-snob. i always try and stop myself, but sometimes it just slips out. its quite unfortunate, i end up getting quite annoyed at myself.

things i get snobby at: 

- musical tastes
 - political tastes
-literature tastes
-newspaper tastes
-eating habits
-movie taste
-clothing choice (things like, where you buy them from, from like places that have kid sweat shops and stuff like that. problem is, half the clothes i buy are from places like that, and it makes me feel bad a lot, i do try to buy stuff thats made in australia, or somewhere non-sweatshoppy, also, i tend to judge people on what they are wearing, its so shameful, but i do do it from time to time)

you see, the thing is, i always want people to think my way, because i always think i am right. and it is really really uncool, because i don't like it went people do that, like from a personal point of view. and people are always taking the moral highground, which gets me really annoyed, because i fail at doing that.

you know what? suddenly i became really happy. i dont know if it was the rain, or the fact that two of my friends where wanting me too blog, and then i did, and they where happy. and im just talking to  alot of people and its cooooolies :) you know how its nice to feel loved?

i feel loved. 
also, i got my number one fan today. granted, it was one of my close friends, but shuddup, its still cool. lets hope this time next year i get over the twenty followers mark, eh?

this is a pretty random blog, i can't really focus on one subject. you know what i really want, to draw on my walls, what are the chances of my parentals letting me do that? around 10%. that is out of a 100%, in case you didnt get that. anyway, ill be right back, got to go get wood for the fire. pizza for teeaaa (dinner in other people language). no we are not having woodfire pizza, its a fire in our living room and its warrmmm. anyway, im back now, and where was i? right, drawing on my wall. the thing is, my parentals will let me do anything ot my room, apart from stuff that would be hard to cover up with paint. my walls litterally have holes all over them, and that doesnt concern my rents. what does, is dark coloured paint. grrr. like red that i want, they will let me have orange though :) i really want to draw on my wall. anyway, i was going to mention seinfeld and yummy foods and pigging out, but lets do that in another post. anyway, lots of love from my lovable rainy state. xx. catherine. 

PS. my dogs have got new bones to chew, and its raining, but they are staying outside with their bones, it must be interesting to be a dog. i could go on forever about them, but i have the feeling, it wouldnt be the most interesting post in the world, huh? also, want to know my guilty pleasure? when i am feeling really upset? apart from listening to really happy GOOD music and dancing in the rain, listening to really crap music by the likes of rhianna and singing along to it with friends at the end of the day, really makes me feel happy. 

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