Friday, November 6, 2009


am i so insanely immature that i got excited when i realised i was only ten posts away from my
two hundred and 

also, who else is attending national 7/11 day :)

i am hoping to recruit my friends that are not going to the beach.

reasons why am not going to beach
1. have not yet been bothered to buy new bathers, and i only have last years bikini which i don't like anymore and the top half is getting a little strained you could say
2. could not be bothered putting on the three layers of sunscreen needed to keep me from getting sunburnt for two or three hours
3. could not be bothered
4. i felt like slurpees.
5. i need to be at my holiday house to be in a beach mood usually, most of the time i cannot go to the beach when i am not at at least somebody's beach house.

reasons why no other beaches can stack up to my beach
1. i love my beach, i feel a certain loyalty to it
2. there is almost zilch seaweed at my beach
3. my beach is thirty seconds away from my beach house
4. there are mild waves at my beach ,some days it can be perfectly still, other days it can be hectiK, i like how it surprises me. 
5. i need the comfort of knowing my house is right there instead of a half an hour train ride away. 
6. i don't like any of the st. kilda beaches. 

i just saw a picature of cats, it made me miss my cambodian kitties and moozer cat. i wonder what they look like now, whether they made it through the battle we like to call life. 

anyway, xx's and oo's of course,



Erimentha said...

wooh! happy 7/11 day for tomorrow.
you have a very awesome bloger tag, with cassie (from skins) on my blog.


Miffie said...

Pssshhh.... There's nothing wrong with being a little immature. (Or maybe a lot :D )

Erimentha said...

wow! thanks!

have a look for the tag NOW!