Saturday, November 7, 2009


hello to my new followers, i hope you enjoy it here :)


i swear, it is almost as good as christmas. 

so maybe this won't be the most glamorous, or prettiest, or most meaningful post, but im pretty sure it looks the yummiest. 

so anyway, nano is pretty stressful, i feel behind on day five, and had to write around two thousand five hundred words on day six (yesterday) which pretty much sucked. my story is pretty much me discovering myself, through writing. maybe i did it because i always felt really stupid writing in a diary, and on the computer it feels less stupid, and i type quicker than i write, so i don't get impatient. anyway, i shall stop blabbering like a blabbery type thing. must dash, i have slurpees to drink/eat. which one is it?

catherine, x's and o's
(brain freeze)

i can never get the perfect scoop of icecream
on my list of one hundred things to do before i die:
scoop a perfect scoop of cookies and cream icecream
and lemon sorbet


Erimentha said...

i really think you should blog more about that list of 100 things to do. i'd be interested.

happy 7/11 day

Athena. said...

ohmygod, that picture of ice cream makes me have cravings!
happy 7/11!