Friday, November 27, 2009

i see no difference between love and magic.

a few wishes, wants, misses, questions and a need.

i miss blogging, and when you get lovely comments and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside
i miss the feeling of being ten, and the biggest gossip was who had a crush on who. 
i wish i had the boy of my dreams

i wish i missed wanting you
instead of wishing for this to come true
but now i realise that what i wished for was nothing
but in a weird way i still wish to have it all back

can i give you a hug and never let go?

and i wish that i could take back my mistakes nothing.
i wish that i wasnt lonely
and i wish that i wasn't jealous and selfish at times

and i wish that i didn't have all these wishes to wish for
because it makes me miss when i didn't have any.

i want to yell it in your ear to make you understand

and i wish that i could understand that it will only make me more frustrated

but most of all i wish you would listen

and i wish that i could stop loving and hating you. 
i want you to realise

and i want to love truly. 

bit of a clunky post, but this is my place to escape the boundries of reality.

catherine, xox (to be continued)

ps. sabine get your butt online. or come over on the weekend, you choose. 


مى said...

I want to love truly too. :)
I love this post, Catherine. Possibly one of my favorites on your blog. x

Kipa said...

Incredible post =).
I miss being ten.
And I wish I wasn't jealous and seldfish at times.