Sunday, November 29, 2009

you're beautiful.

You are my rock, you touch my soul
You brought me light, when I couldn't go on
You showed me the secrets, that I could unloc

what have i learnt 
about life?
i have learnt that it 
surprises you
it shocks you
 into happiness
and plunges 
you into sadness
but it never ever 
slows down

i have learnt that, no matter how hard you try, you can't pretend
and that tricking yourself can only get you so far

i have learnt that the 
real friends
are the ones that can 
make you 
smile through anything
and they are the ones
 that never fail
 to make you happy

they are the ones
 that you fight 
with the most
and still love in spite 
of everything.

Is it war, or are we fighting over nothing
And could, could you be more,
Or are you too caught up in something
Because I adore, everything that you were
Yeah I adore, everything that you were before 

"life is too important to be taken seriously"

you are my sweetest downfall. 

lots of love 'n' stuff, catherine. 
ps. this took me forever to do because the internet is down, so i have to refresh each page like a billion times for it to work. also, christmas countdown starts in two days :)


Phoebe! said...

If it makes any difference to how long it took you to make it, I LOVE THIS POST.

Cat said...

This is lovely. I love the pictures, they're soo cute! And awesome background. It's suh-weet :). You always make me think.
Cat xx

Mich 'ELLE. said...

love these quotes.
have you made them up yourself, or are they from songs? cause then I'd love to hear from which songs, so I can download those.
Gorgeous blog, follow ya!
XXX Michelle

Loz said...

Aw this is great!