Saturday, November 21, 2009

list count: fourteen

thank you all for your absolutely lovely comments on my last post. 

last night, i stayed up late, not to go partaying
but because i watched school of rock then organized my iCal :)

how freaking cool am i?

i found out something really funny the other day, apparently in the twilight books, edward is supposed to have red-brown hair.i keep laughing at the thought of a ranga vampire. i know there is that hardcore one victoria, but this is edoward. a bit of a fool. :)heheheh. and my brother found the funniest twilight parody ever the other day, i was hysterical. 

'laurence is good at piano
he shall be a rockin' in ma show'

this is quite an all over the place post, i just felt like saying a few things, and sorry if i offended any twilight fans or red headed people. i actually wish i had red hair, and none of my friends dislike being called ranga, but if you do, i will not call you ranga or make any referance to your hair colour, because i hate it when people call be blond when my hair is actually light brown. grr. im rambling now aren't i? i shall stop, thank you for making it through this whole post. 

catherine, xox. 


kimmy said...

sup blond bitchh. love you. xx

Cat said...

Ohmigod I know, some people say I'm blonde, mostly people with really dark hair. Then when I disagree they say don;t be ashamed and I'm like "I not ashamed I'm just NOT FUCKING BLONDE". Gah.
Cat xx
ps. I LOVE regina spector,