Wednesday, December 2, 2009

contemplating life.

when i say contemplating life, i mean contemplating following myself so that i can see what my posts look like on that thingo that shows the new posts. wouldn't look looser-ish at all, huh? 

exciting news everyone, i reached fourty followers. 
*happy face X seven billion plus one*

thank you all so much for following, and if your thinking about following, or just visiting now, see that button down the bottom that says follow? i think you should click it, like now. now i tell you. 

seriously. click it. 

im happy with life. 
that the end of the story. it was good wasn't it?
catherine, x's and o's for happily ever ever ever ever after.

three hundredth post, partay anyone?

1 comment:

Loz said...

Haha I love this post and the rose quote.