Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i can't put up with your shit anymore.

trying to control your emotions must be one the most dumb-fuckiest things ever. 
it is a waste of your life, it is hiding behind lies. you loose yourself. be real. 
or fuck off out of my life and dont even think of coming back. 

i believe that love and magic are the same thing
i believe that science is too precise. 
i just want to be. 
thinking makes you doubt your heart. 
and your heart is your everything. 

its going to be hard to believe again, believe in you. i still believe love, its just you that is fading. 


pearl. said...

just beautiful.
i really understand wht you mean.
Pearl xo

Phoebe! said...

Catherine, this is one of your many posts which just epitomizes everything I love about your blog. You always manage to make me able to see things in a new light. I love that.

I think i've been guilty of trying to control what I really feel to many times, but i've never thought of it as a lie or disguise or anything....

hope everythings ok :)

Zmaga said...

"i believe that love and magic are the same thing
i believe that science is too precise."

me too.

Anonymous said...

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