Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ah the festive spirit :)

merry christmas eve, eve :)

i got tagged for an award, the 'over the top blogger award' 
i just have to tag it back to the giver, and tag it to five awesome people of blogosphere
so, everyone you should go check out sabine's blog, she just reached twenty followers
and is over the moon. i also tag: whirlwind (brief but darling)sanchez (just lovely) pearl (beautiful) miffie (halarious), and laura (not because she would do it, she is a fail blogger, but because she is leaving and i is sad). 

its just boiling here, so im just having a resting day, 
because i hadn't slept in thirty-two hours and just go
sixteen hours sleep, so i am feeling very resty-ful

and just so i can get this out of my system, 
avatar is freaking awesome, it is just the epic-est
tale ever. at some point it makes to ashamed to be human
and seeing it in 3d made it so much more awesome
the aliens where so majestic, and just beautiful
so go see it, defiantly in my top ten
 for the movies of the year. 


pearl. said...

ooh thankyou my dearest!
i can't wait to see avatar everyone who as seen it says its amazing,
Pearl xo

whirlwind said...

Thank you ♥
I posted something long just for you ;)