Sunday, December 6, 2009

i just haven't met you yet.

when you where little, 
did you ever wish on something so hard that 
you held your breathe till it hurt, 
because then,
 then it might come true?
how come that doesn't work anymore? 

why has the burning desire for true love in my heart grown stronger
why has the universe kept spinning when my world has stopped
why are desires never fulfilled
and why are needs only ever met instead of exceeded

look, i don't know if there's only one person on the planet you're supposed to be with, but when we're together, it sure feels that way

and why is it that suddenly everything they say hits me right in the heart
and tears me apart?

lots of love. 


Sanchez said...

those words are amazing.

Tia in the Sky said...

Everything was indeed simpler when we were little.

sabine cara said...

eeeh that song!

you make me cry tears of complete nonsense,

xx scarzz