Saturday, December 5, 2009

you are my guilty pleasure.

i'm staring at the man in the mirror, i'm askin him to change his ways. 

one of my guilty pleasures is just
 going around the house 
singing songs as loudly as possible and 
listening to bad music with friends. 

'yeah we just touched, touched, awkwardly' 

so excited, end of school on tuesday (not including activities week, but who goes to that?) and so i'm going christmas & clothes shopping on wednesday. did i mention that i am excited? 

oh and, congratulations to sabine cara for not only reaching her fourtieth post, but linking me in three of those fourty posts. that takes some awesome skill. i think you guys should check her out. but she comes with a warning: taylor swift & edward cullen lover. so beware, do not get trapped in her mind games. 

granted, my room is not as messy as this, but i realised today why i have kept my room neat for the past year or so, because i fail at cleaning it.  yes, i can maintain cleanliness, but if it over steps the slightly messy mark it stays like that until i get in a cleaning mood. so wish me luck guys. 

you know what i really love? fairy lights. i love them, my dad has agreed to take me down to the christmas store so i can buy heaps of fairy lights and have them all over the house and the front of the house and the back of them house and everywhere, and I am so excited :)

i find it interesting how some of my family are christian,
 some are athiest, and some have no idea. 
but i always put up the nativity scene because it is really fun. 

and you know in my picture, i have straight hair? 
well my hair is actually REALLY curly. 
oow,  computer just burned me. 

im the one with the curly hair , you can't see it very well in this picture, but some days it gets pretty wild :) 
and thats my friend who is awesome. jokes. 

What you want
 Baby, I got
 What you need
 Do you know I got it?
 All I'm askin'
Is for a little respect when you come home


catherine, xox. 

ps. stop scrolling down to look at my picture, i changed it. now its on one that looks like i have a weirdly large shoulder.  ill show you one with me with straight hair sometime. hang on, here you go.

(most comfortable jumper in the world)

(head tilty-ness)


Miffie said...

Just a little bit...

sabine cara said...

hehe i am great :)

i LOVE that song- respect
and haha @ nat tran lovelove

xx scarzz

Phoebe! said...

ahh I do that too!
loving the cc reference.
How awesome are fairy lights? I have some around my bed head and the ones i'll be using for my costume are currently around my clock.

whirlwind said...

I love your curly hair!

Kipa said...

My hair is kind of like yours: really curly in a wild way,lol.
I hope you have fun decorating!