Wednesday, December 16, 2009

laughter {noun}: when a smile has an orgasm

we will sit in the rain and watch the city lights together. 

and if there is a shooting star, i will wish for you. 

you were my strength when I was weak
you were my voice when I couldn't speak
you were my eyes when I couldn't see
you saw the best there was in me
lifted me up when I couldn't reach
you gave me faith 'coz you believed 

 nerdy and beautiful, 
 kooky and brave, 
 dangerous and comforting, 
an imperfect being.

sometimes i lie awake thinking of possibilities
i dream of things that could be
things that i want to be
and things that can never be

do you? 


Zmaga said...

I definitely do.

sabine cara said...

all the time.
xx scarzz

pearl. said...

sometimes i go to bed extra early just so i can dream of things i wish could be.
Pearl xo

Loz said...

Hahaha I love the title!
(and the post)