Tuesday, December 15, 2009

love, love, love

i love the way i feel so happy at random moments
and the way what would have bothered me for weeks i have learnt to let go
i hate how i have to get left behind
and the thing that is keeping me going is the anticipation

december makes me feel bubbly inside
but what i hate is the family arguments that have happened

i love it when i blog and i look over it and it makes me feel happy what the comments say
school is ending and so i get my report. not so yay, i have a feeling i talked a little to much during the year.

and christmas is in ten days. eeeeeek.

its the end of school, tralala la la. 
who else is happy? i am :) 
except that it is going to be in 
the high thirties or low fourties
 and i am not particularily looking forward to that. 
guess what guys? 
i am officially in love with 
big bang theory and
 how i met your mother. 
in love with. seriously. so cool. 

anyway, i wish you guys all the best for the last day / week / you're already on holidays you lucky bitch/bastard. was that too many slash's in a sentence? i think so. 

sorry if this is a really odd post you guys, but i am not in an emotional mood right now. more like a combination of angry / wierded out / scared / happy / excited. 

what is with me and slash's right now? 

hugs are awesome. 
i will throw christmas joy at you from my rooftop :)

love always

1 comment:

Athena. said...

I love you :)
I loved this post, I'm so happy too!
And I lovelovelove both those shows -
Barney, Marshmallow + Lilypad are my favourites :) And Sheldon and Penny!