Monday, December 14, 2009

never apologize for saying what you feel, because thats like saying 'sorry for being real'.

guess this means you're sorry
yu're standing at my door
guess this means you take back
all you said before
like how much you wanted
anyone but me
said you'd never come back
but here you are again 

cos we belong together now
 forever united here somehow

in some ways i have never grown up
i want to be the centre of attention
i want to be known 
and i want to know everything
but admitting to my flaws
makes me more of a person than you will ever be
when you make excuses
and pretend you don't care. 
it hurts everyone. and i know you're hurting. 
because you're lying every step of the way. 

i have weaknesses and i have strengths
i have dents in what will never be a flawless life
and so do you
the difference is, i don't try to cover them up
and you think you can. 

sometimes i wonder how you can be happy with your life. 

we are carefree where you are guilt ridden
and we are in control , where you are helpless. 

we are waiting for the future
you are trying to control it. 

when you're around i see you as perfect. 
only when you leave i see you for who you are
but i won't change you
not because i can't. 
because i have already tried
and realised i like you just the way you are. 

and that scares me. 

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

I've never grown up haha ;)
Except maybe I care too much about my education that what little kids would but I'm still in love with cartoon characters and the colour pink and ice cream.
Mmm :)