Thursday, January 7, 2010

cause i'd get a thousand hugs, from ten million lightning bugs.

my love is growing, and you are fading

you are the ever changing weather in my world, you make life intense. 
you are my rock in a crazy world, because you are crazy in yourself

your a lying bitch, so why?

what i thought i had escaped has returned, you are mind numbingly boring. 
i still see you, and i hope you still see me, i love our handstands. 
my hands will miss yours forever, my arms will miss yours. 
you are my friendship, my hope. 
you are my laughter in a cold world
you are my bad side, and i hate it, like your face
and you are all the side of me that makes me feel free. 
and you are the side of me that loves unconditionally.  

jump, and be free. 

these are the people who are prominant, you could say, in my life. the ones i truly love, mean so much to me, its ridiculous.  sometimes, i just let go, be happy. i feel like, why was i getting weighed down by the meaningless, when i could get caught up in amazingness. on that note, you are all amazing, as is fantastic mr. fox. technically i haven't gone to see it yet, but i loved the book, and i adore george clooney. but all that aside, it looks fucking awesome. so going to go see it. eeek.

i love each and everyone of you. hullo to my new follower, and of course i send internet hugs all of you. also, extra hug for anyone who comments :) beach, as always, is amazing. have had some trouble with bogans, been beeped at, created a seaweed level scale (which is pretty silly seeing as my beach never has more that a pocketful of seaweed). essentially,  all the things that make the beach, the beach. 

 i'll see if i can upload some pictures of the beach, and remember, you're beautiful. 

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Tia in the Sky said...

lot's of mixed emotions in this poem I see! It's beautifull worded all the same!

The beach sounds so lovely right now, while I'm here stuck in snow... you're quite lucky :P