Wednesday, January 20, 2010

its the circle of life (to be sung in dramatic lion king fashion of course)

is it possible for so many different emotions to be so overwhelming? 
why is there always some evil in good? and why is there always  some good in evil? is it so we can choose a path by ourselves? ignore the evil? only look to the good? don't you hate these questions? 

sometimes i find myself, questioning the things people say, wondering what they meant by them. wondering how to possibly change what made them say that. and then after a while, i realise, i shouldnt have to change just because they have. and then sometimes i just can't help myself.

"hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase, hakuna matata ain't no passing craze. its means no worries for the rest of your days" 
if life where that simple. 

i worry about the decisions i make and i worry about what she meant. i worry if i should ask. i worry about the consequences of the decisions i make about the decisions i have made. 

i will become fearless again. 

i think you're all pretty darn cool, and i suggest lion king to let out emotion. it really works. now i really feel like watching it. darn.

also, speed is a pretty epic movie. "fuck me" *pause* "oh darn"


Athena. said...

oh, lion king will forever be instilled into my growing mind as the essence of my childhood!
never change, catherine, for anyone else. you are such a beautiful being, i think we all have to grow in our own time :)

Monica said...

It's in the juxtapositions of relaities that I find beauty.

مى said...

I love Lion King! And I've missed your blog.

Phoebe! said...

such a good film!
You express yourself really well, trusting your instincts and just going with the flow of things is something i find a constant struggle.

Zmaga said...

The title totally made me smile! :)

pearl. said...

oh god.
i am already making atrip to the video shop today, its going to be hard to resist the lion king. its legendary.
Pearl xo