Sunday, January 17, 2010

we were singing, sha-la-la

yeah, thats awesome. 
to tell you the truth, im smiling because of you. 
when you're thinking about the person who makes you smile? when you think about the possibilities? when talking to the person makes you feel weirdly carefree and happy, and you say no reason because you want it to stay your secret? and when you know nothing will happen because you don't really want it to, but you love them all the same? yeah, that makes me feel really warm and fuzzy inside. and i really do love him. 

so maybe that doesn't happen to everyone, but its my situation, and my blog, so shuddit :)

oh, and then you realise you have three of the coolest friends around so life is just awesome? sometimes that feels pretty ohk too. 

ps. major huzzah, heylo to my two new followers that pushed me past fifty. i truly adore you :)
not that i dont adore my other followers. 

(i feel like a parent, im not allowed to show favorites)

also, i got the original, collectable, grease soundtrack record. 
thats right. its so pretty and awesome. 
for only ten dollars. 
eeek worthy or what? 


pearl. said...

I feel the same way when i think of my friends :)
50 followers, you're awesome :) i think you're allowed to favour your fiftieth follower, they are pretty special.
Grease soundtrack - good find girl!
Pearl xo

pearl. said...

Oh and i love love love your header :)

kim said...

i need to say it again; i love yr blog!
XXX, Kim

Phoebe! said...

haha congrats on your follower count :D
loving the header btw

omfg-vivian said...

hehe cute post.
goodluck with things between you and him catherinee xx

Anonymous said...

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