Monday, January 11, 2010

sorry i was staring at you, but your gorgeous.

i was talking to you and it was fabulous
now i miss you more than ever 

you keep me sane in this crazy world

ok, your gorgeous. really gorgeous. 

have you ever hit those points in life, when you realise it doesn't really matter, because, well, you have love.
i have, well i just feel all bubbly inside, or maybe thats just because of everything. 

i wonder, why must i seek their approval on everything
why must i be under these massive confinements
i feel like i cant spread my wings, with these ropes tying me down
 i have realised, i cant be free, without sacrificing some of the people who are most important in my life. 
i just can't work it out. 
and that sucks, it just fucking sucks. 

i hope you find a reason to smile,

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sabine cara said...

naw you're cute.

i was cleaning my mirror the other day, it was incredibly dirty. once it was clean, i looked at myself, and i felt like i was really seeing myself for the first time.

it reminded me of you x)
xx scarzz