Friday, January 1, 2010

happy thought: i am somebody's reason to smile. i am somebody's happiness.

yours is the love that makes me feel an impossible number of emotions. 

i can hope to fall in love, i can  hope for self control, i can  hope for hope, and i can hope for my heart to take over from my head. but what i really mean, is that i hope for true happiness. 

i want to be heard, not ignored
and i want for lies to be truths
and i want to be able to accept things
instead of trying to change them

listening to the rain. its cool. 
you make me smile. smile, in a way that makes me feel loved. smile in a way that makes me feel like i dont have to change. 

in two thousand and ten, i wish for simple things
my one resolution, is to be truly happy, strive for happiness, nothing else. 

when you make me smile, i feel butterflies.

happy new year bloggers and blog readers, i would like to thank you all for being my outsource, my safe haven, thank you for adding to what was, a pretty eventful year. 

because i can't say it to your face, ily. 

love catherine. xox. 

my three wishes: the opportunity for true love, to fly, and the ability to make people understand and see the problems in the world, because then, hopefully, they would all do something about it. 


Zmaga said...

Happy New year, dear.

sabine cara said...

smiling doesn't mean happiness; happiness means smiling.

i really like that :)
lovely post
xx scarzz

Tia in the Sky said...

A great new year's resolution, I must say :)