Wednesday, February 10, 2010

life is like a conveyer belt. im not sure how yet.

i think all my mistakes are catching up to me.
 all the allusions fading away. 
and sometimes i just feel myself slip away from reality
and realise. 

what happens, when one day, people suddenly just move on? what happens when they get tired of the secrets, of the complaining, of the moodiness. what happens then? moody bitch. 

sometimes reality is meaningless, and the impossible lets you hope. 
i realised that your the one i think about. and i realised that, its not worth my time, 
to be bitching about something that i cant control.
 today is a day of realisations. 

community service&electives tomorrow. rockin'. 
am i looking for something that can't be found?

you are my wish apon a star.
love catherine. 


kim said...


XXX, Kim

Tia in the Sky said...

Good thing to realise! I actually came to realise this recently too, bitching never really helps anything

我 moi said...

very cute blog ^_^ loving each and every post , love the layout of your blog too !

JSotiriou said...

well that's the time when you change :)

whatever doesnt kill you makes you a stranger - keep that in mind

Athena. said...

haha awwwww, i'm not - really!
i hope community service was brilliant;
where did you go?
1 day out of 10 i was up and want to disappear, just a bit.
you're amazing.