Monday, February 8, 2010

you are beautiful.

sometimes life teaches you a lesson and sometimes you should listen

if the children don’t grow up,
our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up
we’re just a million little god’s causin rain storms turnin’ every good thing to rust

me: guess whats tomorrow mum?
mum: your new elastic  bands for your braces are arriving, exciting huh? 
me: zomfg, really? eeeeeeek. 

guess who's birthday it is today, huzzah.
got me some rocking presents. i love my family. and i also love the look of my facebook wall filled with happy birthday messages, and the look of my phone inbox filled with happy birthday to you's. 
better organize my party huh?
i love having the excuse of my computer hard drive having erased, meaning i lost all my homework. 
what i am not so crazy about is that i love everything. fuck me. 
love you all almost as much as i love my new itouch. its pretty. 

the moment when your parents have to explain sex jokes to you're little brother is so awkward you could sell tickets. a lot of tickets. 


Zmaga said...

Happy b-day! I wish you all the best and many blog posts to come!

Phoebe! said...

oh em gee! hope you had an amazing birthday catherine!!!
i wish you much love

whirlwind said...

Happy birthday! :)

Erimentha said...

happy birthday catherine!

<3 hugs,

Erimentha said...

ps. you have a bday pressie on my blog...soon!

pearl. said...

Oh Happy Birthday :D
Hope you had a marvolous day and the year ahead is all you can wish for.
Have you got a name for
your new itouch? Mines called Alfie, they can be friends.
Pearl xo