Wednesday, February 3, 2010

what happened to you?

you know those people who just put a spark to your day? 
aren't they awesome. 

im confused, are you?
 no. of course your not. i think inside, deep down, you really are a bitch. 

& sometimes i just don't care what you think about it. what do people do in life when they don't know what that means. what do you do when the person you put all your trust in, just comes out and says something as, well, bitchy as that. i seriously find my self.... struggling  to grasp this situation. have all of the chances of her life that she has always casually ignored finally been accepted into this wonderful thing she calls 'life'. and has it all gone to her head? these are questions i can't bring myself to answer, so i push them to the back of my head. has it always been so superficial? 

guess who's fifteenth birthday is coming up? and guess who is getting arthur the aardvark: featuring messian from her seventeen year old brother, and how i met your mother: season two from her nineteen year old brother. i think that is overly eek worthy. question marks are pretty and my foot still hurts. good words make me happy. 

you know you're in love when you can't fall asleep, because the reality is better than
your dreams


pearl. said...

I love those people who brighten my day, it makes me smile just thinking about them.
Oh i love Aurthur so so so much :) He is the greatest of greats! And exclamation marks are grand.
Pearl xo

sabine cara said...



i like this post

xx scarzz


sabine cara said...


Athena. said...

Yay! Happy birthday for very, very soon :)
The last quote is so lovely.

Phoebe! said...

Ohh i'm so jealous of your presents! definitely eek worthy.
I ADORE the final quote by the way :)

Chrissie said...

The quote at the end is the best quote I've heard in ages. Thank you