Friday, February 5, 2010

until you're resting here with me.

i miss him. not in that way. in the other other mixed up way. 
you know those friendships that still make you feel warm and fuzzy inside even though you hardly see each other, and when you talk to them, its just right yunno? when they walk into the room, its like a wave of relief that i never feel with you. its a sense of belonging. 

if you're a bird, then im a bird. 

sometime, i just want to break free you know? actually, a lot of the time i want to break free. this thing we call friendship, isn't really friendship at all. and i hate the fuck out of it. its a restriction,  a commitment that i never made.

elvandork, its unisex. 

nerd love is the happiest kind.  the people that make me smile, the people that i can talk to with ease, the people who mention the unmentionable and like halo. the people who are carefree, instead of careful. the ones who make you feel brave, the ones who you belong with. sorry about this, im just friendship high. 

you are my nerdasaurus
catherine, xox. 


pearl. said...

nerds are amazing.
nerd love is amazing.
frendship is amazing.
your amazing.
Pearl xo

Phoebe! said...

haha nerd love, i know exactly what you mean.
the final picture is so darn adorable!

Tia in the Sky said...

Friendship's becoming harder and harder to find these days, but as yous aid - it just feels RIGHT when you're with a real friend.

sanchez said...

I can completely understand. Nerd friendships are the best. They make you feel so lifted inside.

But a while ago. this feeling started escaping me, and instead it was replaced with a feeling of horribleness.
Something that made me cringe.

I hope that never happens to you.