Saturday, April 24, 2010

to many words, they're all attacking meh. thats meaningful shit right there.

so that chick scarzz (i am a genius for using her blogger nickname. seriously, you should all worship me) was like 'yeah im tagging cati' and i was all 'oh hell no, you a foo' and she was all like 'but i love you' and i was like 'geeze, obsess over me much?'. so i did this tag to make her happy. here you go sabine. loser. no, i swear, i do love her, im not a bitch. can you please all love me again? this is the ten questions tag. i had a bit to much fun answering the questions. sorry 
1. Which celebrity/ person would you go all out to meet? gaspard. just because he is so unbelievable gorgeous. and i could say 'i met gaspard'. and i could ask him about the funny story about how he got his really attractive scar that is in a really attractive place. yum. ill shut up now. 
2. Name something you cannot stand. um, you think i can just name one thing? animal cruelty. it makes me feel like crying. 
3. Who do you blog for? (everyone, a specific person, yourself?) i blog for myself i think, to try and get my feelings into words. to try and understand them. of course, thats not possible. so maybe i blog for a boost of self confidence. and un-confidence? oh shut up 
4. What song is top of your 'most played' in itunes? help yourself - sad brad smith. i heard it in up in the air and fell in love. with the song and with george clooney. god he's a babe.
 5. do you download music illegally? nope, i like itunes-ing. although i did once convert a youtube clip to audio. it was hey mickey. i felt like a rebel and then me and my friend sang it all through maths class. 
6. in ten years, describe one thing you'd like to be. i would say happy, but thats so damn corny. i would like to be traveling, and i would like to be loved. i should stop talking about love. i would like to have good eyelashes in ten years. thats what i really want. good eyelashes.
 7. What's your best quality ? i dont really know how to answer this one. i love with my whole heart, i love and love and love till it hurts. i dont give up on love. is that a good answer? maybe ill just say: i drink fair trade coffee.
8. What are you reading right now? i just finished reading saving francesca and looking for alaska. now im re-reading high fidelity by nick hornby. i forgot how bloody fantastic it is. and last last night i was reading my french text book. man, im such a crazy kid. 
9. What can't you live without? (minus obviously your heart; brain, etc. hehe) those who hate cornyness, avert your eyes. fo serious. this will kill you. dead. i cant live without love. just hear me out ok? love keeps me alive, keeps me hoping that there is more in the world, keeps me believing in everything. god, corny right? you can look back at the screen now. heres a real answer: i cant live without air. like, literally. yeah, burned sabine, burned. 
10. Were you a (guilty) myspacer before you moved onto facebook (if you ever were on facebook?) what are you talking about, i didnt change my layout every day or spend hours looking through the internet for codes. or hack my friends accounts and post pc4pc everywhere. GOD WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT WHAT ARE YOU ACCUSING ME OF. so i might have been a little bit like one of those crazy myspace kids. just a little bit. please dont tell anyone. 

i tag jewnbugg and tia to answer
 1.Tell a story from your childhood (thats not too stalkery, right?)  2. What's your favourite quote?  3. A song you just cant stop listening to at the moment, why?  4. Are you scared of growing up?  5. Nerds are cool, yes? 6. What do you miss from your past? 7. What is one of your all time favourite movies? 8. Forever summer or forever winter?  9. Describe a perfect hour at the perfect place.  10. What are you secretly wishing for?


sabine cara said...

ahahahaha, reaally nice answers !

love the last one, and also the last picture. x)

xx scarzz

~Abby~ said...

Cool, she tagged me too! :)
Awesome pictures.

Francesca said...

"i would like to have good eyelashes in ten years. thats what i really want. good eyelashes."
You make me smile. :)
And is lame that I get excited over the fact the the book you just finished reading has my name in it?

Dandalily said...

this blog very ridiculously cool. :) I love your answers also thanks for the follow and you kind comment. :)