Monday, May 24, 2010

"homohabilus was erect, australopithicus was never fully erect." "well, maybe he was nervous."

i don't want to be a constant. i dont want you to be my shield.
 i want to be alive in this crazy crazy world. 

hells to the yes, we just dont know you yet is recruiting again. sanchezzy is very very excited, and is looking for new writers for her lovely sentimental blog. she is holding a competition for new writers to join, so go check out her blog for all the details (seriously, like now.) , and make sure you enter before the seventh of june. it is a seriously amazing blogclaps for my twin for creating it. you are all amazing writers, so seriously, enter, i know i had a fabulous time writing on it. 

The silicon chip inside her head / Gets switched to overload / And nobody’s gonna go to school today / She’s gonna make them stay at home / And daddy doesn’t understand it / He always said she was good as gold / And he can see no reasons / 'Cos there are no reasons

"The streets of heaven are too crowded with angels tonight" - The West Wing

my monday morning emotions are all over the place playlist. 
pictures of you - the cure
brothers in arms - dire straights  
boys don't cry - grant lee philips  
i don't like mondays - tori amos 
no one here - the 88


pearl. said...

gosh you are amazing.
wow, you amaze me everyday, it is a joy to read your posts.
Pearl xo

~Abby~ said...

Peter could've totally done Wendy right then and there if he wanted to.
;) Jk.

sanchez said...

did I mention how great you are?


(Also dont you always think of seriously TEN at the end of saying seriously in your mind? It like ruins the whole word)

sabine cara said...

love that quote.

yay yay for wjdkyy.

I think sanchez basically summed it up
xx scarzz

kaymie said...

just read your post.:>
good day :)

richelle jean said...

love ALL the songs on your playlist!

smorginator said...

i love your blog, however, i am a bit of a music control freak so i have to make sure you know that 'i don't like mondays' is originally by the boomtown rats. :) x