Wednesday, May 19, 2010

if you were in an accident i wouldn't stop for red lights.

we think too much. lets just exist for a little bit. 
Joey:  Look at this clown. Just because he's got a bigger boat he thinks he can take up the whole river. Joey: Get out of the way jackass.  Joey: Who names his boat Coast Guard anyway?  Rachel: That is the Coast Guard. 
to here you stumble when you speak, or see you walk with two left feet, thats when i love you. 
i like thinking magic exists. i like listening to cheesy love songs. i like watching friends when im home sick. i like west wing. i like reading books that make me stop and think. i like walking along my beach in silence. i like harry potter. i like rain, and i like the sun after the rain. i like the word 'looming'.  i like the friends that make me smile. i like it when my dogs nudge me because they want a walk. i like animated movies. i like red nails. i like coffee milkshakes. i like cluttered rooms. i like dragons. i like being a nerd. i like funny movies, even if they aren't good. i like playing halo. i like wrestling with my brothers. i like writing posts like these, because they make me feel happy. 

what makes you feel happy? think about it.
 then maybe, you won't feel so sad. you know? 
love, catherine.


sabine cara said...

ah yay, a happy post.
I love red nails, especially that deep red.

xx scarzz

~Abby~ said...

lots of things make me happy.
but right now, it's your blog and strawberries.
have a lovely day.

JS. said...

This post felt like magic.
It made me happy, thank you ♥

Francesca said...

And I like when people write about what they like. Cause you know, it makes me kind of happy.

Dandalily said...

Woot! dragons and halo!

This was such a lovely post it was so simple but it made me so smiley. :)

Emily said...
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