Thursday, July 1, 2010

'i love you too'

mama, take this badge off me, i can't use it anymore
its getting dark, too dark to see, i feel im knockin' on heavens door. 
'ill be here, waiting' 
when you said that, i needed someone. 
i needed someone to fall in love with, so that if i was ever in pain
their face would look like alex karev's did when izzie was about to die
i needed a best friend, who would, on summer nights, lie in my bed in silence
looking at the ceiling. so that we could just lie like that the entire night
telling each other everything, in whispers, in half sentences.
and i needed someone to fuck, to take away my pain, 
or something. 


J.J. Charles said...

holy chicago. i feel all of that too, all the time. i love this post. i love the bluntness and how the last sentence felt when i read it. but i can't help but think this is coming from a sadder place. i hope you find lots of happiness in your life starting___NOW :) love you m'dear!!!

sanchez said...

everyone needs to need someone eventually.

that's what scares me.

Francesca said...

I need somebody, too. We all do.