Friday, September 3, 2010

You remembered what I said and you wrote it on the fucking concrete.

I'm wishing for a breakdown, just so I can start over. 


~Abby~ said...

I always loved them. :)

Have a great weekend.


Ruth said...

Omg, this is my favourite part of the Lizzie McGuire movie :) Gordon rocks!

Francesca said...

Breaking down is good. It's not weak, it's strong. And you're right, it's a perfect way to start over.

Erimentha said...

i always fanisize about having a breakdown.


Frei said...

I just loove your thoughts

Camelgirl said...

So much love for this post.
So true.

Dandalily said...

Just becareful wishing for a breakdown, you might lose something you really never wanted to.

J.J. Charles said...

funny, i got a breakdown very recently, and it's forced me to completely start over as i write this. and you know what i've come to realize mdear? starting over ain't so bad. it's not bad at all..

sanchez said...

I guess I didn't comment on this for a bit because I needed to step back before I started screaming "I always wanted a reason for a breakdown" but seriously, like in all honesty (and I know I hate it when people say In all honesty cause it usually means they are about to say something completely bitchy so feel free to destroy me or something) don't go looking for breakdowns. If they come they do.
but if you look you end up feeling like you just had a half arse break down, and instead of breaking yourself down in the strongest possible sense you just kind of end up breaking down everything and everyone around you

and it super sucks.

Also I get super paranoid. But it could be completely different for you. I know right this second I would love to be like "You know what? fuck this shit I'm going to go to hogwarts to find pokemon and fight evil with the power of the moon on my side and a talking cat" but thats just wishful thinking? I think you should join me in my pact to become a gypsy cause life just seems to be a 1000 times better when you were long skirts and ankletes.

but what would I know?

Karolina said...

you can start over without havein a breakdown!


Anonymous said...

being absorbed by your feelings, if only momentarily can bring so much clarity and peace. breakdown if you must and feel what you need to. ♥

Lilah said...

i hate that we give ourselves limitations and feel we need a reason to change them.
its okay.
do whatever.
with love,

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