Thursday, November 12, 2009

i love kipa, lots and lots.

i got this gorgeous award from the lurvely kipa, you should all check out her blog, she is a slight newbie.
on that train of thought, i love not being a newbie anymore, im more like a year nine in blogger world. hehe.

anyway, i should stop blabbering on about nothing. 
this one you pretty much have to link it to the blogs you think deserve it, and link it back to the giver of said award, and write ten facts about yourself. lets see how I go on this one since I totally failed at counting the last facts I wrote. 

1. I find riding home when the weather is sunny more pleasant than taking the tram, especially if i don't wear a helmet
2. I must spend around eighty percent of my money on food, ima self confessed fatty :)
3. I feel really good after i do exercise, but really crap while doing it, and i consider this to be one of the greatest mysteries in the world. 
4. I may not be the nicest person you ever meet, but I am likely to be up there with the loudest. 
55. I love the masquerading sense of blogging, even though the majority of us are more truthful to our blog followers than we are to some of our friends. 
6. I hate rap. Any rap. Hate. It. 
7. I always stay up later than I should because I am busy choosing songs to fall asleep to. 
8. Even though swimming isn't on today, I am still going with my friend, because otherwise I might just turn into one of those couch fatties. 
9. Lately life has been catching up to me a bit to much for my liking, so I am taking a quiet weekend away from the world. (apart from my friends swimming pool, but that hardly counts, does it?)
10. I get really annoyed at spoilt people, but somewhere deep down inside I am like 4% jealous of them. Ohk, so I lied. Deep down somewhere I am more like 15% jealous. Maybe 20. Ohk, I am a big fat 30% jealous. But that is under the anger of them being spoilt rotten. Oh just shut up, I like to ramble. 


kim  - because her blog is so beautiful it makes me want to cry (in a non-creepy way)
whirlwind - because i love her about me.
erra-tron - because the pictures she chooses are beyond beautiful. 
athena  - because of her beautiful comments and posts.

i had better go before i completely make a even bigger idium out of myself.

x's and o's


Phoebe! said...

haha definitely guilty of number 7!

Athena. said...

Ahh, thankyouthankyouthankyou, lovely one :)
These were great - I'll do mine very soon!

whirlwind said...

Thanks for the tag and the lovely post and the lovely words :)